Elimika heads to the grassroots: A recap February activities

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Mon, 2016-02-29 14:30

The Construction of Knowledge societies [Elimika] is currently engaged in capacity building programmes in Makueni and Kwale Sub Counties.  The project team is working with local administration staff, Community Based Organization’s and Ministry of Water & Irrigation staff. The three topics covered in the program are: Devolved governance, leadership and integrity, bill or rights and peace and security.

Leader’s Capacity Building

The UNESCO Chair’s mission is to harmonize and bridge the gap between Universities and Communities. In harmony, Universities and Communities work together in promoting sustainable development. In this light, the Elimika Project has been working with local leaders on the subject of peace and security, fundamental human rights and freedoms.

The project held two capacity building sessions with the local chiefs, ministry of water officials and a village bank’s board of directors & staff in Mbooni West Sub County in the month of February. At the end of the training the participants were awarded with copies of the Constitution of Kenya.

The leaders termed the initiative an eye opener with some saying it couldn't have happened sooner. All represented offices were furnished with copies of the Constitution of Kenya. The Project Teams challenges the participants to carry on the message to the grassroots and make it part of their psyche as they discharge their duties.

Group’s Capacity Building

During the month of February the Project team worked with organised groups in Mbooni West Sub County. Most of these groups were drawn from Kikima FSA (Financial Services Association) with the rest drawn from past project engagements.

The participants have lauded the efforts being made by the University of Nairobi through the chair for taking the university back to the grassroots.

Use of music to sensitize Kenyans on the Constitution

The Project team is also using music as one of its communication channels; the music is lyrically customised to cover the topics of the program. The Project is working with musicians from the ‘pilot test’ Counties; a collaboration between artistes has been arranged and produced.

Elimika awards scholarships and internships to students

read more here: http://www.uonbi.ac.ke/content/elimika-awards-scholarships-and-internships-students

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