Vision, Mission & Core Values


The Chair's vision is to achieve a "Sustainable, vibrant knowledge society".


The Chair strives to have empowered Communities who own the University as they strive to control their destiny. The Chair's mandate is to harmonize and bridge the gap between Universities and Communities. In harmony, Universities and Communities work together in promoting sustainable development.

Aims and Goal

  • Through research and innovations, the Chair provides opportunities for students to plough back to communities the skills and knowledge acquired at the Universities. The communities act as laboratories for students to generate new knowledge, test it and create new avenues for technological engagement.
  • To break the myth of Universities being "ivory towers" and transform them into "towers of hope and strength" to the communities.
  • To create opportunities for linking the major actors in the area of sustainable development through capacity building.
  • To form collaboration between Universities and Research Organizations for purposes of technology transfer